A session on “overcoming the challenges of being differently abled” will be held on Sunday, May 1st 2022 at the Members’ Lounge of Chittaranjan Bhavan at 11 AM.

Two eminent persons, Mr. Vikram Dutt and Mr. Shivjeet Singh Raghav would speak on the subject.

Mr. Vikram Dutt, a rehabilitated spinal injured, 70 years old wear many hats: Cross disability and inclusion expert. He has been an expert Government nominee on Rehabilitation Council of India and winner of numerous international awards.

Mr. Shivjeet Singh Raghav, peer counselor, Indian spinal injuries Centre, New Delhi, Patient Education Coordinator and Peer counselor at the prestigious and world- famous rehabilitation centre. Despite himself being a person with spinal cord injury, he has been working relentlessly for the last many years and helping people with spinal cord injury and disabilities to integrate back into the society.

All are welcome.